Brutality (demo)

by Gone Wrong

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Four song self-titled demo


released May 14, 2019

Recorded at the "Box" by Urian Hackney in Burlington, VT


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Gone Wrong Burlington, Vermont

Vermont Skatepunk


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Track Name: Attention
You don’t want to be my friend
You just want my complements
You live to hear someone say
Your looking really nice nice today

You live for attention

All the stupid things you do
It's just not you being you
Cause you know I would respect that if it were true
But I know it’s just dumb through and through
If everyone went away
You wouldn’t last for a day
Cause you need someone to say
Your looking really nice today

Your live for attention

Nothing you do is real
just do it cause the way you feel
For your sex appeal
You don’t even know what you like to do
only what others want you to
You won’t do anything with your life
Unless you stop trying to look nice
But that won’t ever happen
Cause for you nothing else will suffice

You live for attention
Track Name: Brutality
man shot down for holding a knife
Cops empty clips for fear inside
They thought they were so brave
where was that bravery then

The fear got to your head
And now innocent is dead
they say it was justified
Because he was threatening their lives
But that might not always be the case
If fear is the look on your face

Black teen shot in the back sixteen times
It obvious it wasn’t because of his crimes
I thought they joined cause they knew what was right
I’m pretty fucking sure they knew that was wrong

The power got to their head
And now an someones is dead
would have gotten away
If the shots weren't taped
The power must have gotten to him
Cause he could do anything and get away

Now you can’t trust the police
Cause bad cops are everywhere
They'll shoot someone down
And they don’t even care
To some There is no innocent
to some were all bad
They know they can get away will anything
So They’ll beat on us when their mad
Track Name: Shut Down
You people and you phones
You people, you are drones
You don’t ever create
Just sit and wait
Well what the fuck you waiting for
Don’t they know there's so much more
That a simple phone cannot store
Get off your stupid phone
Don’t there’s a whole world out their
Of which you are free to roam

So much of your lives are surrounded by screens
Can’t be creative cause you forgot what it means
You don’t sit and think
Instead you look and sink
Into the depths of the phone
Well why don’t you get of your device
And go do something with your life
Track Name: Educate
Teachers said the same thing twenty times
When they gonna realize
It only took me one to memorize
They keep telling me The way to be
But can’t they see My creativity
Drown it with their demands
Kill it with their commands
My creativity that will keep me alive
My creativity that will make me thrive
Not your schools not your education
I would do fine on my own
If You just leave me alone
My path can’t be shown
I don’t need you to condone
Why learn things I’ll never use
When I could do just what I choose
My creativity it would abuse
To obey their weird rules
So I refuse to be misused
In a job I don’t want
Surrounded by money
I don’t need cause I can see
A better way for me to be
But you keep talking
About one opportunity
In not going to listen
To what you have to say
I won’t obey you
Cause I can make my own way
I don’t have to know calculus
I don’t have To know how to sing
I don’t have to be a genius
To do my own thing
But you keep pretending
It’s the best way
But You keep talking
About how to educate

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